The Footers Team spent four days in good old Las Vegas, attending educational classes, workshops, and of course a few great parties. We are excited to apply many of the fun new ideas we learned to your next event. Here are some items we loved!

1.)We have all heard of hamburger sliders and even chicken sliders so why not doughnut sliders with mascarpone filling and candy bar toppings?

2.)Ice Sculptures may seem like a fad from the 60’s, but hanging ice sculptures are sure to be a trend in 2010.

3.)The push pop is a childhood favorite so why not put some of your Hors d’ouevres in the same casing and pop it into your mouth?

4.)Roaming buffets- why have your guest go to get their food when their food could come to them!

5.)Cirque du soleil themed barbeque with fun gourmet hot dogs, popcorn dusted with truffle powder and cotton candy.

6.)Champagne rain: Why not hang a server from the ceiling and have them pouring your guest some bubbly?

7.)Everyone loves savory risotto, but how much better would it be as a sweet option and feature a dessert risotto station?

8.)Looking for a fun spin on the traditional wedding cake? Then try a Smore wedding cake torched on site with marshmallow frosting.

9.)Utilize every day items such as umbrella poles and transform them into tree centerpieces to enhance your table décor.

10.)Who doesn’t love the traditional tastes of Thanksgiving? Check out this unconventional display option: traditional stuffing cupcake with mashed potato frosting, this tasty treat may look sweet but it is a fabulous savory cupcake.

A few pictures that inspire us...

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