Whenever an important event is approaching, it\'s a relief to work with an event coordinator that has catering experience so they can help you plan (and realize) every culinary detail you\'ve envisioned. So what should you expect when working with an experienced event planner?

Expert Consultation:

The initial step in planning an event is to understand the client\'s overall vision and goal for the party. Event Planners should spend time with clients discussing the theme, type of party, and what the client has already envisioned i.e. d├ęcor, catering menus, food preferences, alcohol preferences, equipment, etc.


A professional event coordinator should be able to take you from the proposal stage to the day of the event, working with you on even the most minute of details. You won\'t be passed from one person to another; instead, you\'ll value the undivided attention you receive from a single collaborator. Basically, professional catering event planners should be able to seamlessly lead you through every step of the process.

Familiarity With Your Venue:

Established event coordinators that are familiar with catering events will know the in\'s and out\'s of your city\'s popular venues. They can provide great advice on what works well while suggesting alternatives that will save you money on catering and other associated costs.

Trusted Vendors:

Most of us aren\'t familiar with the top local vendors or the most popular caterers. Your event planner, however, should be, and their experience grants them the ability to recommend a trusted and reputable caterer.


It\'s smart to ask for them, and can\'t do any harm. A good caterer will have plenty of clients happy to give them a favorable recommendation. It is also good to ask for a customer who had an event that was similar to the one you will be having.

Planning the Event Layout:

Professional event coordinators often create a room diagram to scale, allowing you to make sure you\'re aware of what the room will look like before the event. This ensures that everything (including the food) will fit in your chosen location.

Complete Proposals:

All too often, a hazy or vague proposal can create confusion. What is and what is not included? The best event coordinators make sure that all catering costs are predetermined and clearly defined. Let your event planner create a customized preliminary proposal complete with all possible options including food, labor and rental costs. Are the dishes included? Is gratuity included? Where is the charge for the staff to serve the meal? Make sure you\'re comparing \"apples to apples\" when reviewing proposals. You don\'t want any surprises after you have chosen your caterer. The best event planners pride themselves on giving you a complete quote that leaves nothing to the imagination. This way, you\'ll never be surprised when the bill comes!

Detail Selection:

Experienced Event Planners will use often utilize catering photos and catalogs to help you gain a visual image of the event. At this point the client will choose linens, and a possible tasting might be arranged to finalize the menu. During this step, the Event Planner and client will also walk through the event location and smooth over the final details and/or concerns.

In the end, the job of your event planner is to take the stress off you so you don\'t have to worry. True professionals have developed and refined a unique catering event planning process that applies to small intimate parties as well as large events. Experienced event planners will remain committed to a philosophy of value and quality by giving you the event you have envisioned at a cost that fits your budget.

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