Footers Catering event planner and coordinator, Colbert Levy, recently traveled to Europe and spoke about one of the fabulous dining experiences she had while visiting:

\\\"It’s been a month since I spent two spectacular weeks in Italy and Greece.
I’ve readjusted to the Rockies and to real life, but it has been a
struggle to readjust to the food. Cheeseburgers just don’t compare to my
favorite Italian dining experience at a rooftop restaurant overlooking the
Marina de Praino on the Amalfi Coast.

Relaxing with a glass of red wine and a view of the sunset over the
Atlantic, “the menu” came as quite a shock when our waiter wheeled over a
rickety wooden cart with a heaping pile of still-glistening sea bass,
mackerel and gilthead. The local fishermen had caught the seafood that
morning, and as we watched them below prep their lines for the next
morning’s catch, our waiter explained what was flopping in front of us and
a variety of ways to prepare it.

I chose the grilled sea bass, and it arrived whole on my plate, black eyes
staring at me. I nervously clutched my fork as the rest of the table began
digging into their eggplant parmesan and sautéed veal. Just as I had
mustered up the courage to attempt to filet my meal on my own, the waiter
swooped up my plate onto another tableside cart and with bare hands did
the dirty work for me. My sea bass didn’t need any fancy marinades, exotic
spices or outlandish garnishes – the taste and tenderness fresh from the
ocean onto the grill was absolutely perfect.

Though Colorado doesn’t have a teeming ocean nearby, we’re fortunate to
have fresh fish conveniently available to us Highlanders. Not quite ready
to filet a whole grilled fish at your table? Footers is experienced in al
fresco dining and would love to bring this Italian experience in to your

- Colbert Levy

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